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Vanara is one of the races of enemies inspired from Indian mythos. The Vanara embody speed, and their fighting techniques are based on agility.

The Vanara base the defense of their fortress with traps that hurt when you accidentally step on them. They combine this with their speed, with which they rush at Asura, hoping to inspire a reckless response, which can potentially result in Asura stepping on one of the spike pits set all over the arena.

Vanaras are weak, and most can be killed in one or two blows. This comes in handy when facing many at once - you can wait for them to come near,and then smack them good and tight in the face. This is why Vanaras either employ Daeva allies, or usually serve as the frontline soldiers of the Hathira armies, seeking to put early pressure while the slower Hathiras take aim and make slow approaches.

What Vanaras lack in raw power, hitpoints and strength, they make up for in speed. It is usually pointless to try to outrun Vanaras - they will catch up with you before you can so much as stop to change your weapon. They are also not above using poison, and also have a healer unit, which must be killed quickly unless you want the battle to drag on.

Vanara melee units can also rush at you and get behind you, and this move usually allows them to dodge melee attacks. Vanaras will use dodging and hit-and-run tactics to the fullest, so be careful. Trying to chase Vanaras to deliver a melee blow is also not a good idea, and melee combat with these critters should be left to the experts. Use ranged or magic attacks, and avoid using slow melee weapons like hammers at all cost, unless you know what you are doing.

The worst mistake one can make against Vanaras is to run out of stamina, as you never know when dodging might become a necessity. The best strategy is to keep your cool and wait for them to stop moving before attacking them. Use venom for best results, since their low hitpoints make them weak against a slow and steady lifedrain.

Units[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description
MonkeyBallerTex.png Vanara Senapati Monkey Hero
MonkeyBallerTex.png Monkey Goldaar Monkey Baller
MonkeyClawTex.png Vanara Panjaar Sainik Monkey Claw
MonkeyClawTex.png Vanara Veesh Panjaar Monkey Claw Poison
MonkeyClawTex.png Vanara Maha Panjaar Monkey Melee
MonkeyBasherTex.png Vanara Gadhabaaz Monkey Basher
MonkeyFireTex.png Vanara Agniraak Monkey Fire
MonkeyTrapperTex.png Vanara Jaaldaar Monkey Trapper
MonkeyDemonTex.png Vanara Yaksha Monkey Demon
MonkeyRangeTex.png Vanara Dhanudaar Monkey Range
MonkeyEliteRangeTex.png Vanara Maha Dhanu Monkey Elite Range
MonkeyRangeTex.png Vanara Veesh Dhanu Monkey Poison Range
MonkeySpearTex.png Vanara Bhaldaar Monkey Spear