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Vanara is one of the races of enemies inspired from Indian mythos.

Units[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description
MonkeyBallerTex.png Vanara Senapati Monkey Hero
MonkeyBallerTex.png Monkey Goldaar Monkey Baller
MonkeyClawTex.png Vanara Panjaar Sainik Monkey Claw
MonkeyClawTex.png Vanara Veesh Panjaar Monkey Claw Poison
MonkeyClawTex.png Vanara Maha Panjaar Monkey Melee
MonkeyBasherTex.png Vanara Gadhabaaz Monkey Basher
MonkeyFireTex.png Vanara Agniraak Monkey Fire
MonkeyTrapperTex.png Vanara Jaaldaar Monkey Trapper
MonkeyDemonTex.png Vanara Yaksha Monkey Demon
MonkeyRangeTex.png Vanara Dhanudaar Monkey Range
MonkeyEliteRangeTex.png Vanara Maha Dhanu Monkey Elite Range
MonkeyRangeTex.png Vanara Veesh Dhanu Monkey Poison Range
MonkeySpearTex.png Vanara Bhaldaar Monkey Spear
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