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Naga is one of the races of enemies inspired from Indian mythos.

Units[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description
NagaGlaiverTex.png Naga Senapati Naga Hero
NagaGlaiverTex.png Naga Chakravyu Naga Glaiver
NagaInfantryTex.png Naga Raak Naga Infantry
NagaInfantryTex.png Naga Veesh Raak Naga Poison Infantry
NagaWraithTex.png Naga Preth Naga Wraith
NagaFrostSupportTex.png Naga Vaykunt Naga Frost Support
NagaPyroSupportTex.png Naga Narakunt Naga Pyro Support
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