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Hathira is one of the races of enemies inspired from Indian mythos. The Hathira embody strength, and their fighting techniques are based on raw power.

Hathira base the defense of their fortress on a combination of elaborate fortification and killer weaponry. They have huge hitpoints, and are likely to bolster this with additional armour. One specific technique unique to Hathiras is the use of a large shield, which can negate any ranged attack, and is susceptible only to brutal hammering from close range. Other techniques include hand-held cannons and massive hammers.

The Hathiras are slow, and therefore can be outrun and hit from afar with ranged attacks. This is why they rely on Vanaras and Daevas to reinforce their lines. Additionally, they may also use a structure at the centre of each battleground which fires fireballs at Asura, or increases the damage done by any attack.

Slow as they may be, Hathiras must never be underestimated. They are brutally powerful and very fond of elemental ranged attacks. Their melee attacks will deal stupendous damage to you, while their ranged attacks will either freeze you solid (so you are reduced to haplessly waiting for a Hathira to approach you with a hammer and beat the living Agni out of you), or set you on fire and burn away your armour. To fight with Hathiras, you will have to be in constant motion, especially in the chambers of Hath Durga, where everything is set up to brutally punish anyone staying still for longer than a second.

The Hathira can also implement a ZoC, preventing you from dodging through them. This means that they can wall you in, pinning you to the edge of the battleground, and this can lead to some gruesome ends. Also, Hathira are slower than you, but stronger - the ideal weapons against them are hammers and brutal magic, preferably freezing ones. Venom is effective as well, so a Zehar might come in handy.

It is also useful to kill any Vanar or Daeva in the arena first, before engaging these behemoths. Remember - you cannot execute Hathiras swiftly, you must always chip them down one hit at a time. Take your time, and beat them up good and slow.

Units[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description
ElephantWarriorTex.png Hathira Senapati Elephant Hero
ElephantWarriorTex.png Hathira Yodhaar Elephant Warrior
ElephantEliteWarriorTex.png Hathira Maha Yodhaar Elephant Elite Warrior
ElephantInfantryTex.png Hathira Sainik Elephant Infantry
ElephantShieldInfantryTex.png Hathira Kavach Sena Elephant Shield Infantry
ElephantBeamRangedTex.png Hathira Vayraat Elephant Beam Ranged
ElephantRangedFrostTex.png Hathira Sheetal Golanbaaz Elephant Ranged Frost
ElephantRangedPyroTex.png Hathira Agni Golanbaaz Elephant Ranged Pyro
ElephantRapidRangedTex.png Hathira Tez Golanbaaz Elephant Rapid Ranged