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Hathira is one of the races of enemies inspired from Indian mythos.

Units[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description
ElephantWarriorTex.png Hathira Senapati Elephant Hero
ElephantWarriorTex.png Hathira Yodhaar Elephant Warrior
ElephantEliteWarriorTex.png Hathira Maha Yodhaar Elephant Elite Warrior
ElephantInfantryTex.png Hathira Sainik Elephant Infantry
ElephantShieldInfantryTex.png Hathira Kavach Sena Elephant Shield Infantry
ElephantBeamRangedTex.png Hathira Vayraat Elephant Beam Ranged
ElephantRangedFrostTex.png Hathira Sheetal Golanbaaz Elephant Ranged Frost
ElephantRangedPyroTex.png Hathira Agni Golanbaaz Elephant Ranged Pyro
ElephantRapidRangedTex.png Hathira Tez Golanbaaz Elephant Rapid Ranged
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